Press Releases

WJWL Honors Women in the Military

GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League’s Public Issue committee recently honored women in the military. Veteran Michelle Piacquadio from Niles was presented a Proclamation from Trumbull County Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa on behalf of Warren Mayor Doug Franklin during ‘Women’s Veterans Week’. Michelle grew up in Niles, OH. She graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 1972. She left her job at the Eastwood

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Trumbull County Mobile Meals – Volunteers Needed

Trumbull County Mobile Meals Executive Director Rebecca Edwards was the guest speaker at the January meeting for GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League’s general meeting. Edwards told the members the history and the importance of having this service available to the community. Due to the cold weather, they are in need of volunteers, especially for deliveries! Volunteers may contact the agency directly at (330)

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Plans are Underway for 2016 Champagne Luncheon!

Plans are underway for the 47th Annual 2016 GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League – Annual Luncheon, Marylou Jarrett luncheon chairman announced the theme ‘Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child’ will be held held on November 18, 2016 at St Demetrios Community Center in Warren. Proceeds to benefit The Children’s Rehabilitation Center ‘ The house That Love Built’.

WJWL Creates Display in Howland Library

GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League 2nd Vice President / Membership Chairman Linda McCready and Treasurer Stephanie Furano decorated the Howland Branch of the Trumbull Warren Library. On display are the trophies GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League and the GFWC Ohio Warren Juniorettes recently won at the annual GFWC Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs convention in Columbus. Photo displays of the Past Presidents,

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Fun with Taxes & Tax Exempt Status for Your Club

Club President, Renee Maiorca conducted a presentation on taxes; “Fun with Taxes & Tax Exempt Status for Your Club” at the 2015 GFWC Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs Annual State Convention.  Below is a link to the presentation.  Please feel free to view and save this presentation for future reference.  We hope that this will help other our fellow GFWC members! Tax Presentation Fun

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WJWL Continues to Warm Trumbull County

GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League members were in Niles today with Niles Mayor Ralph Infante hanging Scarves of Love for those in need. The members ‘paid it forward’ hanging another 160 scarfs, gloves, hats, and insulated socks to help keep people warm. Shelter information was provided with the items. Scarves are available in both Niles and Warren. The digital display is in Niles.

WJWL “Warms Warren”

Members of the Warren Junior’s Women’s League have packed 125 bags of scarfs, gloves and hats and placed them around town. When one resident, George Staniak, found out scarfs, hats, and gloves were hanging on the fence outside the mayor’s office in Warren, he made is way to city hall. “I was like, ‘oh praise God.’ With this cold weather we’re having, it’ll help

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WJWL Support Children’s Rehab Center

Melanie Cann, left, the 45th annual GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League Champagne Luncheon chairwoman, and Renee Maiorca, right, presented Robert Foster, executive director of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Howland, with a check for $17,400 from luncheon proceeds. The money will go to the center’s scholarship fund, so no child is turned away because of the inability to pay. The luncheon theme was

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GFWC Ohio WJWL Provisonal keep warm project at Soup Kitchen

GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League Provisional Members ‘Paid it Forward’ by collecting over 200 gloves, hats, and scarves for their keep warm project. The WJWL Provisional Members worked at St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen on 1/17/2015 and passed out warm items to the needy families and individuals to keep them warm during these freezing cold winter months.