Advocates for Children

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Project Goals and Objectives

Encourage GFWC Ohio members and clubs to work collaboratively in their communities to educate, advocate and engage in projects concerning the well-being of children via health, social, and safety programs, as well as to work with GFWC Partner Organizations across the country to protect children from harmful situations encourage healthy lifestyles, support and provide best practices for emergency care, and prevent substance abuse and youth suicide.

Call to Action

How to Educate, Advocate, and Engage others to become active Advocates for Children

Educate Yourself about healthy child development through every stage from pre-natal care to adolescents. Learn how to protect children from harmful situations and about programs in your community that encourage and support ongoing prevention activities.  Learn more about GFWC Advocates for Children Week, the fourth week in October.

Advocate raising awareness for the importance of healthy physical and emotional lifestyles.  Encourage physical activity by volunteering with your local schools, athletic associations and parks.  Increase GFWC members’ awareness of important issues such as; the strong link between bullying and suicide, the importance of family and adult involvement in a child’s education, internet safety and how the latest social media tools affect our youth, including cyber-bullying.  Work with your local school board and police department to bring awareness to others in the community.

Engage in impacting public policy to improve the lives of children. Participate in sustainable programs that engage vulnerable communities to create positive, lasting change and help to improve emergency medical services for children.  Engage in programs that help children with disabilities reach their full potential.  Engage in projects with children at early childhood centers by reading to the children, assisting the teachers, or providing financial or other resources.  Work with other organizations to reduce hunger in children.  Engage in helping out foster parent associations and showing others the importance of foster parenting, what it involves, and the need for qualified foster parents.