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All Active, Associate and Sustaining members are also members of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Active Members

Active Members are those women who, having successfully completed the Provisional Member Year and, are now trained volunteers, working in the community, helping to raise and disburse funds back to the community or helping with the internal functions and organization of the League.

Active Members are required to serve on one committee and have the opportunity to serve on a wide range of other WJWL committees and projects. Additionally, they must attend at least six (6) of the general monthly meetings. Active members can sponsor New Members, vote and hold office. The financial requirement for Active Members is $40 for annual dues as well as participation in our major fundraiser.

Associate Members

A member in good standing, unable to continue  fulfilling her obligations to GFWC Ohio Warren Junior Women’s League can become an Associate Member for one (1) club year.  An Associate Member must be reinstated as an  Active Member the following Club Year or  resign from the Club.  The financial requirement for Active Members is $45 for annual dues

Sustaining Members

Sustaining Members are former Active Members who have completed at least five (5) years of active service. Sustaining members have no official requirements but often participate by assisting a committee or placement with their advice and experience.The financial requirement for Sustaining Members is $45 for annual dues.